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And welcome to Small Town Philosophy.

Here you will discover a growing library of content generated as the result of hard experiences and deep reflection.
Growing up, I was left mostly alone in the face of life’s unavoidable obstacles, as many of us are. Over the course of my development, I experienced disappointment, isolation, abandonment, and felt deeply misunderstood by most every person whose role was crucial during the early stages of my life. Due to circumstances which will be explored in later content, I have long felt incompatible with the world around me. Consequently, much of my life has been spent wondering Why? Life, after all, is a journey of self-discovery and the way by which you navigate its countless obstacles determines the path you will have walked by its end: who you were. In this way, our past decisions seem to define who we are, but do they?

To be human is a complicated affair.
While our biological makeup may be similar, each new generation of the species is the product of a unique combination of genetic code. This hereditary makeup can be defined as “Nature,” only one of the two major components of a human person. The other is “Nurture.” This latter half will be the primary focus of my work here at Small Town Philosophy; not only the nurturing administered by your parents but by your peers, romantic partners, coworkers, complete strangers and, most importantly, you. Every person you have ever met and come to know has played their part in shaping the person you seem to be today, and vice versa. That said, depending on who we spend most of our time with, our view of the world can change radically; but, more importantly, these people provide us with context-by-comparison as to who we believe ourselves to be: whether we’re funny or clever, logical or illogical, smart, dumb, introverted or extroverted. The problem is that, in the world of today, it has become normal to compare oneself with the lives of others as seen on social media. As you well know by now, this is a poor decision.

When we measure ourselves up to the impossible standards of happiness found on social media, we set ourselves up for failure.
The smiling ocean of profile pictures and postings on the internet represent a severe distillation of what a normal/good life looks like. In reality, for every smiling selfie a person takes there are easily a thousand other undocumented moments wherein the entire spectrum of experience, good and bad, is kept secret. Everyone is troubled in their own way and yet, thanks to this sugar-coated second life, we are constantly reminded of how happy everyone else seems to be compared to us. This site, however, is an exception. I am a regular human person. I will never pretend to be anything but a regular human person. I am a student in college, a full-time worker and single parent. Like far too many others in the world, I often feel that I am not cut out for this life. I often struggle to pay the bills and to complete my daily tasks. I make mistakes and regret them. I frequently grapple with anxiety and depression, and despite having spent a great deal of time defining my values, ideals and goals, I am slow to make decisions regarding the future because I am afraid. Because I am human.

Today, I see a world filled by broken souls with no one to reach out to.
After all, life can be brutal and unforgiving. People can be brutal and unforgiving. The question I have to ask is: To what end? Too often it can be the end of life itself. The rates of stress, anxiety and depression around the world have reached an all-time high; unfortunately, this has lead to an increase in the number of suicides as well. In this new and exciting age of technological sophistication, we habitually spend more time with our screens than with other people; we spend more time pretending to be happy than we spend being genuinely ourselves, and I can say with deadly certainty that we suffer for it.

Although it has never been easier to “connect” with others on such a massive scale, it has become increasingly common to feel lonely, isolated, and unfulfilled.
We are social mammals, programmed for frequent face-to-face interaction. Without satisfying this biological need, our mental health declines. Social media is not and has never been a proper substitute. More often than not it serves as one of the primary contributors to this decline; trapping us in a vicious cycle of forming unrealistic expectations and inevitably letting ourselves down. Nonetheless, this is the direction society is headed and there is no stopping it. Those who thrive most in today’s world are those who accept and embrace these societal changes. This, I have found, requires a complete overhaul in one’s expectations. As is often depicted in memes, expectations rarely align with reality and, if gone unchecked, this natural mismatch can easily prove to compound one’s negative perception of his or her life and of the world itself. Here is where many of us find ourselves: at odds with the life we have been given.

That said, Small Town Philosophy was designed with you in mind.
Not the Facebook-you or the Instagram-you or Twitter-you–the real you. The you who is battling fruitlessly against stress, anxiety or depression, or some merciless combination of the three; the you who has maybe already given up. As I sit here writing to you now, I am fueled by a deep empathy for the human condition: the broken hearts and dreams, the pain and death, the cruelty and segregation that has left countless people wandering alone in this life–the single life we have to live.

My greatest hope by establishing this platform is that those long-stranded in the dark depths might here find the makings for light.
While we can’t change the direction the world is headed, we can surely change our perspective. That is my ultimate aim in writing to you today, and it will remain my aim with every written word I publish here on this site. I want you to succeed. I want us to succeed, both outside and inside. In the end, I want us all to look back at our time spent here and smile. While our paths may be different, we have life in common. So I invite you all to face life with me. Here at Small Town Philosophy, we can come together and tackle the problems that life throws our way. My best wish is that even a single person, somewhere–anywhere–in the world might stumble upon this site, read my words and discover the strength and courage to make a change for the better. Each post I publish here will work to dissect a problem I have personally experienced or that I have noticed in the world–on the Small-Town scale. There will be no discussion of politics, gender or race. There will be no remarks made against spiritual beliefs or practices and especially not religion. If anything, I will encourage you to live spiritually; it is, I think, our most crucial ability as humans, to feel a presence of spirit inside–with or without religion. The mantra of Small Town Philosophy is and always will be: “We are all in this together,” because we really, truly are.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I care about you and your well being.
While it is unlikely that I should ever meet you, I hope that we might talk amid the comments at some point in the future, and that you might, too, find your strength and courage. I will try my very best to keep up appearances, but I hope you will understand that life gets busy.

My primary focus here is to produce content geared at helping people, but…
It cannot be my sole focus; at least not at this stage in my life. This project of mine will take time, just as changing our perspectives will take time. That said, this matters a lot to me. Rest assured, I will try my damndest to be present for those who take the time to reach out to me.

Now and forever I will be wishing you all the very best life.
Take strides with me, fellow strugglers. Together, we can make the world more beautiful. Let’s take advantage of this flashy, technological era and allow for this newfound power of worldwide connection to connect us worldwide. I thank you wholehearted for visiting Small Town Philosophy. I hope you will find your stay cozy, welcoming and, most importantly, insightful. The time I spend here will be a journey in it’s own right, toward discovering myself and my purpose. Perhaps, by joining me here today, you can begin to do the same.



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