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Insights and Philosophies

Letter to the Relative Undead

"...By our very nature, negativity comes to define us. Failure breeds doubt, doubt breeds frustration; frustration breeds inaction which yields way to potentially crippling anxiety, the proverbial Achilles heel of countless, perfectly beautiful people throughout the world. Anxiety, the silent loudness of one's thoughts, thoroughly contradicting reality as it occurs, working to amplify the negative and snuff out the positive, all due to an unfortunate but correctable default mechanism of the human brain. Anxiety lies. So convincingly, it interjects fabricated claims of unworthiness which distort the truth and sever our awareness from the world before our waking eyes. And what's worse, we know it..."

Insights and Philosophies

Blogger Fetus

"...My first novel-attempt amounted to 65,000 words of passionately written garbage. No experience. No outline. Only the keyboard-stiffened fingers of a daring newbie who had a vivid nightmare and took to nurturing the creative seeds it planted. After a while, I had become obsessed with my idea, plopping down between video game binge-sessions and junk food to spontaneously henpeck my world to life. During the dead moments working at Taco Time, I would frantically scribe my epiphanies on crumpled receipt papers, napkins and tray liners. Between the local Starbucks, friend's houses, school, work and the cold darkness of my bedroom in the garage, I wrote every day, a kind of madness growing inside with each and every word I blindly bled. After a few years of ignorant bliss, I came to see my creation for what it was: full of plot holes, flat characters and heinous over-description; so perfect in its cruel irony--a beautiful nightmare..."