Who is this guy?

Damen P. Adams here, and thanks so much for visiting Smalltownphilosophy.com!

I’m sure by now you’re thinking, Who the hell is this guy to give me advice?

Well, the thing is, all advice is a product of someone’s experience; it is, by nature, an opinion or culmination of opinions, bottled up in foreign perspective to be consumed at your leisure. In a way, our perspective is our brand.


The pro of consuming my perspective is that it might change, or at least shift, your outlook for the better. The old phrase “Two heads are better than one” proves true in that we are a species molded by mistakes. It is when we crumble that we may rise to examine the ruins left behind. Here you will find the entirety of my ruins, and the hard lessons I learned having lived in the rubble.

And lemme tell ya, I still live in the rubble.

You don’t need to trust me to trust your heart.
If what I have to say resonates with you in some way, I have accomplished my mission. If it helps you make a long-needed change, even better. And if this is the case, be sure to subscribe via the link at the bottom of the page.

I created Small Town Philosophy to serve as a haven for those facing tough times. My hope is, just as writing these posts has been therapeutic for me, reading them might help you deal with or resolve a current hardship, or aid in mending wounds from those already come to pass.

For context as to the nature of my real life experience: I have faced bullying and needless hate, both in school and in the workplace. I have endured family drug addiction and neglect, a failed marriage and early pregnancy. I’ve battled against horrid eating habits and a long-built sedentary lifestyle, and won. I have been both selfish and selfless. Anxious and depressed. I have written over 65,000 words of a novel only to scrap it and start fresh. I have tried and burned and risen from the ashes time and time again, only to face the fire once more. I have hated myself and I have spent weeks in wishing I could simply close my eyes for good…

You see, friends, I’m just a regular, imperfect, small town guy living in a big fucking world. Writing has long been a passion of mine, and so here I sit, passionately clicking and clacking away to provide you with a fresh perspective.

Not everything I write here will be sunshine, kitty cats and rainbows, but it will all be the truth as I know it.




Photo credit: Channah Boots, founder of Tamar Graphics Studio. She’s a wonderful photographer and an even better friend; go check her out! https://www.facebook.com/tamargraphicstudio/